How to use the e-liquid in the CBD?

The use of electronic cigarettes is becoming more and more widespread. They allow to vary the pleasures. Indeed, it is possible to vary the composition of e-liquids according to individual needs and preferences. It is also possible to add different flavors to improve the taste and sensations. The new trend is the inhalation of CBD. How does it work?

What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid molecule that contains the active substance of hemp. Even though it is present in cannabis, it is not assimilated to the drug, it does not make you high. It helps to slow down the psychotropic effects of other molecules such as THC. To be legal, it is extracted from the seeds and fibres, it is the flowers that are banned. Using an e-liquid in CBD provides several virtues including the fight against anxiety, anxiety and stress. It is good for the arteries and it soothes psychosis and epilepsy. It contributes to the reduction of nicotine withdrawal symptoms, and succeeds in reducing consumption by nearly 40%. It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory virtues and combats sleep disorders.

CBD in e-liquids

To enjoy the benefits of using an e-liquid in CBD, one must opt for pure CBD crystals, without contaminants or THC. Like all e-liquids, they are combined with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. Thus, they are compatible with all electronic cigarettes. Hemp oil e-liquids should be avoided, even if they are cheaper. They contain compounds unsuitable for inhalation or THC. The level of CBD is also indicated on the bottle. For repeated use, a maximum level of 10mg/ml is recommended. 30mg/ml for sessions spaced out over a longer period of time. For occasional use, 50mg/ml can be increased to 50mg/ml. Above this level, we have CBD boosters, which must be diluted in a neutral base without nicotine.

How to optimize the vape?

Before using an e-liquid with CBD, it is important to know that the hit strength of CBD is similar to that of nicotine. It is however more powerful and it lasts longer. For beginners, and depending on the sensitivity of each, it can be irritating. If the power of the hit is unpleasant, the power of the electronic cigarette should be decreased, or increase the resistance value. The best would be to use the more economical models. In case of overdose, it can cause drowsiness, numbness, muscle stiffness, but the effects fade quickly. When inhaled, 20% of the molecule is absorbed, compared to 100% when injected and 8% when ingested. It is useful to discover the product gently, and to adapt the consumption according to its sensitivity.

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