What are full spectrum CBD oils?

Imported in France, full spectrum CBD oil is now available in self-service and its sale is totally legal. Being one of the main components of cannabis, the free consumption of cannabidol has given rise to divergent opinions. Sometimes it is a drug, sometimes it is a therapeutic product. In other countries such as Switzerland, CBD oil is mainly used in the field of pharmacology and in therapeutic cannabis. But then, what is CBD oil full scpectrum? What are its benefits? And how to take it?

What is full spectrum oil?

Full spectrum CBD oil or cannabidol is one of the constituent substances of cannabis sativa or hemp. It is the first non-psychoactive active ingredient in cannabis. It is therefore legal in France. By extraction, hemp produces a concentrated essential oil containing cannabinoids. The proportions of cannabidol in each oil vary according to the cultivation of the plant and the method of extraction. The cannabinoid content in CBD oil can be 5%, 15% and 20%, whereas in full spectrum CBD oil, this proportion is complete. However, this product is not considered to be a drug. CBD is the element in cannabis that does not cause a high or a change in consciousness. However, for more than 40 years, scientists have been demonstrating the full benefits and medical potential of CBD oil.

The therapeutic benefits of full spectrum CBD oil

Numerous studies have shown all the therapeutic benefits of full spectrum CBD oil. Molecules present in cannabidol are able to stop the proliferation of cancer cells, particularly in the case of cervical cancer. Cannabinoids also effectively treat breast and prostate cancer. In addition to its anti-cancer virtues, full spectrum CBD oil also proves to be an excellent antidepressant and pain reliever. It is also used to combat anxiety and stress. In small amounts, it reduces nausea and vomiting. Rich in antioxidants, cannabidiol is a true dietary supplement. However, full spectrum CBD oil should be consumed in moderation.

How to take hemp oil

Full spectrum CBD oil is consumed in several ways, depending on its usefulness. Sublingually, a number of drops of CBD oil are poured under the tongue and kept in the mouth for a few minutes before swallowing. Some people mix it with food. As part of a diet, full spectrum CBD oil is also cooked with the dishes to be prepared. Directly swallowed, this product is an effective ally in quitting smoking. The positive effects of full spectrum CBD oil are countless. Today, studies are still underway to confirm other virtues and benefits of CBD.
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